Financial Data Automation 

for Investigators

Build a Better Practice

Gathering sufficient and appropriate useful data from various financial documents has taken too much time and effort. ScanWriter can help you build a better practice by capturing, organizing and transforming data automatically.

More Profits

The goal is simple: to increase profitability per case. Save at least 90% more time in the data collection process and spend more time to build a strong case to win, get higher revenue and happier client.  Also good reputation means more clients, more cases and more revenue. 

Lower Human Resource Costs

Increased automation in the workplace could cut labor costs also human errors. ScanWriter is the easiest, most comprehensive software on the market and its unique technologies offer the best opportunities to sharply improve productivity.

Support ANY Documents

ScanWriter reads any paper document or PDF file. It provides libraries that support over 10,000 banks & over 30,000 vendor invoices while supporting 21 different languages.. 

Secure, Private Documentation

Installed exclusively on your computer. ScanWriter boasts complete security and privacy amongst financial documentation. You never have to worry about your clients' private documents leaving the premises or getting into the wrong hands.

World Class Service

ScanWriter offers world-class support. Talk to real ScanWriter Specialists and receive customized service. Join one on one or group online training sessions. Any special requirements, talk to us, you will receive customized service, organized data instantly.

"ScanWriter is extremely helpful & a huge time saver."

 Marshall Wesson

CFE - State of California

Our promise to you

Gather useful data from ANY paper or PDF document and cut data collection time by 90%.

ScanWriter’s clean, customized data makes for faster, easier data identification. Flag specific transactions and search through thousands of data items with ease.

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